HEALERS network

These healers are all working in the field of therapeutic body work, healing and relaxing massages and form part of my circle of trust - regarding their person and their professionality.

Sometimes we meet in small cooperating groups, sometimes as a collective to co-create healing-events or retreats and exchange knowledge around the topic of alternative healing and massages.

We all practice different approaches and massage styles, while we commonly aim at bringing more awareness about body work and a more balanced, healthy and energetic lifestyle to our clients’ body and mind.

EXCHANGE RETREATS – Within a collective of other body workers, we co-created the format of an "Exchange Retreat" that was based on the idea to give and share our diverse knowledge and exchange guided workshops and experiences related to our work field, to inspire and learn from each other. The first edition was held in Sintra, Portugal in October 2018,  by the collective - we were 12 participants. (See video below)

You can contact us individually or book us collectively for an event, a festival or a retreat. Other practitioners of therapeutic body work are always invited to get in touch with us and join the collective or our activities.

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